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PLEASE NOTE: This production is not appropriate for children under the age of 17.















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TIP Box Office at the front desk of the Arts and Heritage center opens at 6:30pm on performance evenings and 1:00pm for matinees. The house opens 30 minutes before show time.  Seating is assigned at time of ticket purchase. 

Disenchanted! A New Musical Comedy
runs approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes with one 15 minute intermission.


Poisoned apples. Glass slippers. Who needs ’em?! Not Snow White and her posse of disenchanted princesses in the hilarious hit musical that’s anything but Grimm. The original storybook heroines are none-too-happy with the way they’ve been portrayed in today’s pop culture so they’ve tossed their tiaras and have come to life to set the record straight. Forget the princesses you think you know – these royal renegades are here to comically belt out the truth. Received an “Outstanding Off-Broadway Musical” nomination (Outer Critics Circle Awards) and a “Best New Off-Broadway Musical” nomination (Off Broadway Alliance).

Please note: This show is RATED PG17
Contains adult language and content.



Book, Music, Lyrics by Dennis T. Giacino
Developed with Fiely Matias
Disenchanted! is presented by special arrangement with
Broadway Licensing, LLC. (www.broadwaylicensing.com)


Directed by: Julie Ewing
AUDITIONS: July 14, 2024



Act One
Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty introduce us to the world where fairytales and the real world meet in a not so happily ever after.  The three princesses act as our narrators as they lament about their negative feelings about ONE MORE HAPP’LY EVER AFTER.  They continue to explain that Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother helped them escape the story books and through a little royal vaudeville…variety hour…musical extravaganza…wait, I got it, a princess all-star revue to tell us the truth about their so called happily ever afters.  This story is not for the kiddies, folks!

The Princess Complex, as they describe it, is not all it is cracked up to be and certainly not what is portrayed in good old Walt’s movies.  We are introduced to Belle who explains how totally INSANE! her story truly is.  Her tale is not tale as old as time – who speaks to their household appliances?!?
Next up, Mulan ponders why her story doesn’t end with a wedding to her prince (WITHOUT THE GUY).  As she thinks through the events of her tale, she realizes she may be a lesbian.  Mulan didn’t wait for some guy on a white horse to ride in and save the day!  She cut her hair, went to war, and saved the day.  No man needed!

Snow White and Cinderella return to introduce Sleeping Beauty, but “technical difficulties” (Sleeping Beauty is asleep) require them to ask The Little Mermaid to share her truth about TWO LEGS.  As she appears, we see someone who is a little more down on her luck than we would expect from a happily ever after.  Cinderella tries to get the show moving and The Little Mermaid kicks her off the stage to she can explain that, perhaps, she too hastily traded life in the Seven Seas for her prince and a pair of troublesome legs. Legs required maintenance and your feet can hurt.  High heels – UGH - need I say more?

Snow White once again tries to get the show back on track, but Sleeping Beauty has other ideas.  She shares an interpretive dance to get the audience in the mood to hear her tale, but Snow White is having none of it.  Instead Snow White invites Pocahontas to the stage to help them with a commercial from their sponsor: The Princess Complex.  This time as a fancy perfume ad which turns into a pharmaceutical ad by listing the side effects and warnings.  Discussing the warnings leads them to one of the side effects of swollen glands (BIG T*TS).  All four ladies detail all the ways their cleavage galore gets in the way and is overall an unrealistic interpretation of the female body.  The banter continues to list all of the nicknames breasts are given in pop culture which causes the ladies to leave the stage.

When Snow White reenters the stage, the mood is much more solemn.  She introduces Pocahontas back to the stage to HONESTLY tell her story…because the movie certainly didn’t!  Throughout her song, she details the many deviations the movie took from her actual life and she ponders why her story couldn’t have been more accurate.

Snow White enters with her mirror in hand and is ready to introduce Sleeping Beauty, but she has fallen asleep AGAIN.  Cinderella doesn’t want to wake her because Sleeping Beauty looks so peaceful…dreaming about Pinocchio.  So, they move on to the Princess Who Kissed the Frog who explains her jubilation that a fairy tale with diversity was FINALLY produced!

Act Two
As our three narrators, Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, return they reflect on how many fairy tales have German roots before they are Americanized.  One fairy tale princess that has German roots is Rapunzel.  Rapunzel is rather frustrated that other people are making bank off of her tale and she sees NOT VONE RED CENT.  Despite all of the merchandising from toys to diapers to toiletries, princesses do not see one cent of that revenue.  Rapunzel even tries to get the audience involved in her distain for capitalism.  In a huff, the princesses exit.  But a new face enters the stage.

Princess Badroulbadour takes the stage…you know from One Thousand and One Nights…it’s a book…well, she was also in a children’s book called The Story of Aladdin, but she had a different name.  She explains the hardships of being a SECONDARY PRINCESS. Not all glam and glitz of being the main character, she is tired of sitting in the back seat and plans what she would do if she were in the driver’s seat of the fairy tale.

Cinderella enters the stage and declares it is snack time.  After enjoying her sweet treat she reminds herself of Princess Complex rule #323 – princesses never eat.  All the princesses join Cinderella in explaining to the audience what it takes to have a waist line smaller than your neck when ALL I WANT TO DO IS EAT.  While they start by explaining the exercise routines and diet plans, the devolve into all the foods they crave: french fries, ice cream, Twinkies, meatballs, red meat, chips, and so many more tasty, and forbidden, treats.  The Little Mermaid would even eat sushi of her best friend she is SO hungry.

Cinderella and Hua Mulan are left on stage to clean up after snack time.  Their hands touch and they share meaningful eye contact before running off stage.

Realizing there is no one to introduce her, Snow White introduces herself from off stage.  A cheerful bird reminds Snow White that they have spent the entire show talking about princesses, what about Prince Charmings?  Well, Snow White has a little HAPPY TUNE? to share with all the princes out there waiting for their damsels in distress.  Times have changed!  If you expect your princess to wait on you hand and foot, you have another thing coming and it could be worse than sleeping on the couch.  While the woodland creatures try to help her by covering up her cursing, when Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella join in they give all the Prince Charmings – past, present, and future - a real duck you.

The ladies realize their time is almost up and Sleeping Beauty hasn’t sang her song yet.  They argue about what to do next which devolves into an accidental insult.  After a moment, they are able to come to agreement that now is the PERFECT time for Sleeping Beauty to sing her song.  Sleeping Beauty helps all the princesses realize they are perfect just the way they are. No need to change who they are for a prince or anyone else.

OMFG (Oh My Fairy Godmother) Cinderella realizes the show is almost over.  After a rant about how disgusting mice really are, our three narrators realize they have stood up to the Princess Complex and to the concept of ONCE UPON A TIME - worn out notion of misguided messages in movies and well worn fairy tale stories.  The princesses finish the show in an empowered pose as they are finally free. (ONE MORE HAPP’LY EVER AFTER – REPRISE)