It is with extreme gratitude that we acknowledge the following donors.

Your investment and vote of confidence in the Theatre in the Park is essential for us and a gift to our community. (Don't forget to ask your employer if they will match your dontation!)

THANK YOU for your generous and gracious gifts.

Donations beginning December 31, 2018



$500 - $999


$250 - $499


$100 - $249

John Edmonds
Joy Richardson
Sprint WFM Team in Memory of Anita Edmonds 
Stephanie & Matthew Coleman
Stephanie Meyer

In Memory of Forrest 'Frosty' White

Joy Richardson
Tim and Kathy Curran
Cetera Advisors
Evan and Karen Stewart
Debbie & Mike Blinn
Muriel Adams


$1 - $99

Greg Yeutter
Stephanie Cummings


Our thanks to those who donated online by "rounding up" the total dollar amount of their purchase.
We appreciate every donation!

Shirley Alcorn
Sarah Quarrato
Barbara Frankland
Emily Luea
Jerri Ussery
Anna Hartzell
Shelisa Welde
Tracy Stewart
Joyce Agre
William Puetz
Faylisa Hendrix Fox
Pam Arnott
Carolyn Reinhart
Krista Eyler
Andrea Cartwright
Kim Traub
Megan Bailey
Jill Boster
Kinsley Riggs
Jill Geller
Alden Henrickson
Sherry Hurst
Steve Kennison
Judirh Ramaley
Dawn M. Kelly
Ashton Botts
Michelle Allen
Bruce Bagley
Patricia Miller
Alexis Kuklenski
Jerri Ussery
Candy S. Birch
Dennis Malkus
Carrie Mershon
Joshua Efron
Janette Mabry
Lindsay Day
Amy Geil
Tracy Stewart
Ashley Schlecta
Erin Dunst
Megan Sheldon
Brent Wesley Seals
Mildred Leistico
Terri Baugh
Ellie Penner
Michael Stewarts
Claudia Mayorga
Michael R. Stewart
Maria Benevento
Jeff Morris
Ellen Loomis
Brenda Land
Pamela J. Butterworth
Paul Witte
James Mahoney
Terry D. Williams
Jacquelyn Leatherman
Gavin Ruder
Richard Holzman
Shari Doak


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