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Are you an early career director... designer... musical director... choreographer? 
Need some creative experience?
Wanna work with a professional theater mentor on TWO top line productions this summer?
Ready to take the next step in your creative journey?

Theatre in the Park and The White Theatre at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City have joined forces and created a new and exciting opportunity for you to further your knowledge and training... and take the next step in your creative journey!

PAID positions are available for 9 creative staff members for 2 full scale musical theatre productions... MATILDA (at the beautiful White Theatre) and THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL (at TIP's fantastic amphitheatre inside Shawnee Mission Park).

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The Details

The White Theatre at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and Shawnee Mission Theatre In The Park are looking for early career production/creative staff members to join the inaugural class of the Emerging Theatre Professional Initiative for the summer of 2022.

In addition to the two full productions, this experience will include workshops, brainstorming sessions, masterclasses, and more in the areas of Business, Leadership, Ethics, Rehearsal Management, and more.   This is an amazing opportunity to begin creating a new and exciting theatre world of connected and well versed theatrical leaders in our community.

This program will be mentored by staff at The White Theatre, Theatre in the Park, as well as three Program Mentors (Director/Choreographer, Music Supervisor/Accompanist, and Costume Supervisor/Designer). 

Participants will receive a stipend for each production.

The program is looking for the following positions

Emerging Director

This leader will assist with all Directorial duties for productions.  This person should have knowledge with stage direction, casting, and rehearsal management and be ready to apply those skills at a moment’s notice. 

Emerging Music Directors (2)

These two individuals will work with the Music Director to decide duties (vocal, orchestral, rehearsals, conducting, etc) between both productions.  Leaders should have knowledge of vocal music, instrumental music, and musical theatre.  Individuals need not be accompanists, but it is helpful.  Tracks may be used in performance for one or both live performances dependent on production needs, however both individuals should be prepared to conduct an orchestra and performance.

Emerging Choreographer

This leader will assist with Choreography for both productions.  This person should have knowledge with choreography, storytelling, casting, stage directions, formations, and more.  This leader should be prepared to assist Choreographer with choreographing both productions and also be ready to helm their own original choreography and musical staging within each production, as well as clean all choreography in the production.

Emerging Stage Managers (2)

These two leaders will work with Production Managers at both locations to create cohesive organizational plans for each rehearsal process.  Each Stage Manager will be responsible for calling one of the productions and will act as the point person for each.  These individuals should have knowledge of stage management, calling shows, rehearsal reporting, and have advanced organizational skills.

Emerging Costume Designers (2)

These two members will work with the Costume Supervisor/Designer to help create and build both productions of the summer.  One Designer will be the lead on each production, while assisting with the other.  These designers should have knowledge of costume creation, construction, and management.

Emerging Props/Scenic Dressing Designer

This individual should be prepared to create the property design for both productions.  The Props Designer will work closely with the Scenic Designers and Costume Design Team (Costume Designers and Associates) to ensure the look of props matches the aesthetic of the entire production.  This individual will work closely with Scenic Designers to bring Scenic Designs to life through the choice of furniture, hand props and scenic dressing.

Additional Duties

In addition to normal duties for their specific department of the production, members of this program should be prepared to have conversations with each other, industry professionals, and more.  These conversations and brainstorming sessions are all part of developing Theatre Artists as Good Leaders.  Members should be prepared to share and focus on their own strengths and opportunities, as well as learn how to give constructive criticism meant to help an individual and a production to grow.


  • Two years of proven competency in the positions they are applying for at the collegiate level or beyond, or the experience equivalent. 

  • Ability to prove previous work through portfolio, video, letters of recommendation, etc.

  • Applicants will not have held the leadership position applying for in any community/professional theatre setting with a house of more than 300 seats.

  • Applicants must present application, letter of interest, portfolio of previous work.  Following the application process, After initial application, participants may be asked to participate in an interview process, and/or be asked to create something showing their skill with specific parameters (record themselves teaching vocal warmups, sketch a costume, create a small piece of choreography, etc.).

  • Applicants hould have open availability with limited conflicts between May 22nd, 2022 and August 7th, 2022. 

  • Applicants must not hold hourly paid staff positions with The Jewish Community Center of Greater KC and/or Johnson County Park and Recreation District.