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Disney Channel's smash hit movie musical comes to life on your stage in Disney's High School Musical! Troy, Gabriella and the students of East High must deal with issues of first love, friends and family while balancing their classes and extra curricular activities


High School Musical: 

It's the first day after winter break at East High. The Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians and Skater Dudes find their cliques, recount their vacations and look forward to the new year. Basketball team captain and resident jock, Troy, discovers that the brainy Gabriella, a girl he met singing karaoke on his ski trip, has just enrolled at East High. They cause an upheaval when they decide to audition for the high school musical, led by Ms. Darbus. Although many students resent the threat posed to the "status quo," Troy and Gabriella's alliance might just open the door for others to shine as well.

High School Musical 2:

We're all in this together... again! The wildly successful Disney's High School Musical team is back with another adventure for everyone's favorite Wildcats. "Disney's High School Musical 2" debuted on the Disney Channel to a record-breaking audience of 17.3 million viewers. The stage version debuted at Atlanta's Theatre of the Stars and has subsequently been released for licensed productions at hundreds of eager venues worldwide.

On the last day of junior year, the East High gang can't wait to get the summer started – they're ready for summer jobs, money for college and to have fun. To that end, Troy gets them all jobs at Lava Springs Country Club, which happens to be owned by popular girl, Sharpay's, father! While Sharpay schemes to steal Troy's heart from Gabriella, her brother, Ryan, hopes to win the Star Dazzle Award. Everything comes to a head at the talent show, where the group has to remember their motto: "All for one, and one for all. 


Production Team

Directed and Choreographed by
Guy Gardner

Musical Director: James Levy
Accompanist: Roberta Wilkes
Costume Designer: Alexandra Blasi
Props Designer: Amanda Albert
Hair and Make-up Designer:
John Hollan
Associate Choreographer: LB
Scenic Designer: Doug Schroeder
Lighting Designer: Elizabeth Kennell
Sound Designer: Chase Roush
Stage Manager: Rebekah Grieb
Asst. Stage Manager: Emilie Christian
Asst. Stage Manager: Alex Leondedis


Troy Bolton: Zane Champie
Gabriella Montez: Anna Synek
Sharpay Evans: Mia Valentine
Ryan Evans: Phillip Licata
Chad Danforth: Josh Wheeler
Zeke Baylor: Hewleek McKoy
Jack Scott: Maddox Bane
Taylor McKessie: Klarissa Sheffield
Martha Cox: Nikki Tatge
Kelsi Nielsen: Mia McManamy
Ms. Darbus: Andrea Hobley
Coach/Fulton: Peter Leondedis

     Kara Mason
     Rose Marie Maddock
     Alex Gumminger
     Carrigan Rohach
     Evan Wohlenhaus
Jackson Tomlin
     Maggie Mulligan
     Anna Mikesic
     Mia Vaught
     Millie Bell
     Beth Anderson
     McKenna Lewis
     Austin Shively
     Justin Schoenfeld
     Lina Sattarin
     Colten Honigman
     Moses Tinio
​​​​​​​     Alyssa Winters

     Elaine Watson
     Madi Tozier
     Dalton Homolka
     Emerson Pereira
     Joh Alden
     Jaden Castinado
     Anna Murrow
     Katie Noll
     Jacob Wray
     Zoe London
     Joel Walley
​​​​​​​     Jacob Jackson
Yell Leaders:
     Eli Hoedl
     Jerry Birts
     Collin Montgomery
     Sam Hesman


Act I: High School Musical

On the front steps of East High, it's the first day after winter break ("Wildcat Cheer"). The Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians and Skater Dudes find their cliques, recount their vacations and look forward to the new year ("Start of Something New").

In Ms. Darbus' homeroom, basketball team captain, Troy, discovers that Gabriella, a girl he met singing karaoke on his ski trip, has just enrolled at East High. When he calls her, the eccentric drama teacher quickly confiscates all cell phones and assigns detention. Between classes, Gabriella and Troy look at the audition sign-up for the school musical, but the drama diva, Sharpay, discourages them.

At basketball practice, Troy tries to shake his desire to sing at the urging of his best friend, Chad ("Get'cha Head in the Game"). Taylor, the science club president, discovers Gabriella's intelligence and encourages her to join the upcoming science decathlon. While the students learn how to "act" at detention, Troy's dad, Coach Bolton, faces off with Ms. Darbus – his star players can't miss practice for Friday's championship game! The next day, hopeful Thespians strut their stuff for Ms. Darbus ("Auditions"), but they're no match for Sharpay and her twin brother, Ryan ("What I've Been Looking For"). Troy and Gabriella arrive too late to audition, but Kelsi, the show's composer, plays the song her way and encourages them to sing ("What I've Been Looking For – Reprise"). Ms. Darbus overhears and gives them a callback. Sharpay is furious, and some students try to break out of their cliques during lunch ("Stick to the Status Quo").

The Jocks and Brainiacs devise a plan to trick Troy and Gabriella into forgetting about the musical and committing to their respective competitions ("Counting on You"). Thinking each one has betrayed the other, Gabriella and Troy are crushed ("When There Was Me and You"). Against Ryan's advice, Sharpay convinces Ms. Darbus to move the callbacks to conflict with the science decathlon and championship game. Chad and Taylor put their heads together to make things right again ("We're All in This Together"). While the Jocks and Brainiacs compete, Sharpay and Ryan pull off a polished callback performance ("Bop to the Top"). When Taylor's laptop shuts down the electricity, Troy and Gabriella rush to the theatre, but are too late. However, when the East High students arrive to rally behind them, Ms. Darbus relents, and they sing their way into the lead roles ("Breaking Free"). Back at the gym, the Wildcats win the game, and the whole school comes together as winners ("We're All in This Together – Reprise").


Act II: High School Musical 2

It is the last day of school, and the East High gang is eager for summer to start ("What Time Is It?"). Chad tells Troy and the Wildcats that they have to practice shooting hoops this summer, and, if they do, he is confident that they will win back-to-back championships. Zeke agrees but is concerned about finding a summer job. It turns out that everyone is in the same predicament; Troy's dad cannot afford to send him to college without a scholarship, and Chad needs to save for a car so he can take Taylor out on a real date.

Since their star turn in Juliet and Romeo, Troy and Gabriella have been going strong. He gives her a necklace with a "T" on it and tells her that, if they don't get jobs, they will at least spend more time together; Sharpay is not pleased. Soon after, Troy's phone rings with a job offer! During that phone call, Troy manages to secure job offers for all of his friends, too, and they all celebrate ("What Time Is It – Reprise")!

At the Lava Springs Country Club – coincidentally owned by the Evans family – Sharpay revels in her summer queendom, surrounded by the club staff and her adoring fangirls, who are known as the Sharpettes ("Fabulous"). The celebration is cut short when the entire Wildcats gang shows up for duty. A displeased Sharpay confronts Mr. Fulton, the assistant club manager, but he informs her that he cannot fire Troy's friends without legal cause. Still, he reluctantly agrees to make their jobs more difficult than usual. Fulton assigns group jobs, starting with cleaning up the kitchen. The group is discouraged, but Troy assures them that, if they work as a team, they can do anything ("Work This Out").

Later, on the golf course, Sharpay and Ryan spy Gabriella and Troy having a picnic lunch. Jealous and frustrated, she ruins Troy and Gabriella's romantic time with a call to Fulton, who turns on the sprinkles and soaks Troy and Gabriella. In the dining room, Kelsi plays a song during her break that she wrote for Troy and Gabriella, and everyone joins in ("You Are the Music in Me"). Everyone agrees that they should sing the song in the talent show. They are interrupted by Fulton telling Troy and Chad that they have been hired to caddy.

Back on the golf course, Sharpay and Ryan discuss rehearsal for their talent show act – Sharpay is determined to win the Star Dazzle Award. Troy and Chad then arrive; they have been hired by Sharpay to caddy for her. As she and Ryan play, Sharpay puts the moves on Troy. She tells him that her father thinks they should sing together in the talent show, pointing out that The Alumni Committee comes to the talent show every year to award the biggest scholarships to well-rounded and talented scholars. Troy passes on her offer but, in spite of this, Sharpay's father promotes him to junior golf pro. Sharpay helps him get suited up for the job ("Fabulous – Troy's Transformation"). After his makeover, Troy agrees to sing with Sharpay.

Elsewhere, Kelsi helps Ryan, Sharpay and the Sharpettes prepare their talent show number, a Hawaiian-themed song and dance number ("Humuhumunukunukupua'a"). Ryan and Sharpay continue to butt heads about who is in charge, though. Martha, Taylor and Gabriella wait for Troy, who is late to dinner with Gabriella. When he finally shows up, he admits that he forgot. Sharpay then reveals that he already promised to sing with her. Troy's friends are shocked, despite his best efforts to explain the scholarship situation. Later, Sharpay and Troy change their song choice, and Ryan is furious!

Kelsi now leads Sharpay, Troy and the Sharpettes in a glitzy version of her own song ("You Are the Music in Me – Rock Version"). When Troy presses Kelsi on her reasons for allowing Sharpay to change the music, she admits that Sharpay's dad had agreed to produce Kelsi's new musical.

Later that week, Gabriella finds Troy on the basketball court; he has broken another promise to her. He insists that he is only doing it for the scholarship, but she replies that he should earn the scholarship, not be handed it for singing with Sharpay. It is then revealed that Sharpay's dad has secured Troy the opportunity to practice with a college basketball team. With Troy gone, the Wildcats are missing their team leader for the staff baseball game, but Gabriella recruits a new ninth man: Ryan. The dubious Chad challenges Ryan, who not only gets Chad to dance but helps the Wildcats win the game ("I Don't Dance"). Now part of the team, Ryan teaches the gang a new number for the talent show ("Every Day – Rehearsal"). Sharpay, feeling her Star Dazzle Award under siege, directs Fulton to yank the employees from the talent show.

Gabriella, fed up with Sharpay's antics, confronts her ("Fabulous – Reprise"). Sharpay easily shrugs it off, accusing Gabriella of jealousy that Sharpay is singing with Troy, which leads Gabriella to confront Troy also. Unable to recognize who he has become, she breaks off their relationship ("Gotta Go My Own Way"). Meanwhile, on the basketball court, the voices of Troy's friends echo in his head as he realizes his mistakes ("Bet on It"). First, he takes back his job as a waiter, which means he cannot sing with Sharpay since she had the staff pulled. When she tries to get Ryan to sing with her, he refuses to help, much to her dismay. A desperate Sharpay calls Fulton and tells him to let the staff perform. As she scarfs down a plate of cookies, Troy makes up with his team. When Sharpay discovers the cookies are from Zeke, she identifies the mistakes she has made by alienating everyone. She arranges for Gabriella to come back and sing with Troy and for Ryan to do his number with the Wildcats; the combination of the two musical numbers makes for a show-stopping performance ("Every Day"). Ryan finally wins the Star Dazzle Award and, now reconciled, the entire company celebrates the summer ("All for One").