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Congratulations to the casts for our 50th summer season!


Casting Information

Please accept or decline your role by notifying the show's stage manager by MIDNIGHT on Monday March 4, 2019.
In the body of the email, please make sure to include your first and last name as well as your audition number as indicated.  Please look through ALL cast lists, you may be cast in more than one show.  Links to each show's stage manager is listed below.


If you would like to check out the rehearsal schedule for any of the shows, please click  HERE.  Stage Managers will be sending out more detailed information in the next few weeks.


Annie Stage Manager
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Stage Manager
Music Man Stage Manager
Matilda Stage Manager
Wizard of Oz Stage Manager



Annie Poster

Annie Stage Manager


Annie - Holly Lichtenauer

Warbucks - Ron Meyer

Hannigan - Kay Noonan

Grace - Celia Thompson

Rooster - Weston Thomas

Lily - Whitney Armstrong

Roosevelt - Chris Pierce

Molly - Tenley Thompson

Kate - Harper Wright

Tessie - Jennie Quarrato

Pepper - Makayla Manning

July - Jordan Baker

Duffy - Madeline Hendricks

Orphans - Ashlyn Robertson

Orphans - Chloe Hochanadel

NOTE: Male & Female Ensemble will be Servants, Hooverville Residents, Cabinet Members, and NYC Dancers

Bert Healy / Male Ensemble - Matthew Quinn

Drake / Male Ensemble - Alec Walberg

Bundles / Male Ensemble - Alex Grumminger

Lt. Ward / Male Ensemble - Jordan Lewis

Male Ensemble - Jerry Birts

Male Ensemble - Paul McArdle

Boylan Sister / Female Ensemble - Joy Richardson

Boylan Sister / Mrs. Pugh / Ensemble - Cassaundra Sutherland

Boylan Sister / Female Ensemble - Lindsay Day

Star to Be / Female Ensemble - Tori Loepp

Sophie / Female Ensemble - Rachel Phillips

Female Ensemble - Averey Shaw

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Poster

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Stage Manager


Caractacus Potts - Tyler Walker

Jeremy Potts - Creighton Smith-Allaire

Jemima Potts - Emma Andrews

Grandpa Potts/Adult Ensemble - Andrew Ramaley

Truly Scrumptious - Fran Opheim

Baron Bomburst/Lord Scrumptious - Graham Fairleigh

Baroness Bomburst/Mrs. Phillips - Nancy Seeman

Goran/Vulgarian - Jay Coombes

Boris/Vulgarian - Jackson Dorris

Mr. Coggins/Toymaker/Turkey Farmer/Adult Ensemble - Don Leonard

Junkman/Childcatcher/Adult Ensemble - Carson Tate

Villager/Child Ensemble/Stephen - JJ Briscoe

Villager/Child Ensemble - Jackson Underwood

Villager/Child Ensemble/Toby/Boys Solo - Jonah Cartwright

Villager/Child Ensemble/Bamboo Dancer - Jacob Jackson

Villager/Child Ensemble/Bamboo Dancer - Maya Welde

Villager/Child Ensemble - Michael Bell

Villager/Child Ensemble/Marta - Ella Bentley

Villager/Child Ensemble/Susan - Riglee Bryson

Villager/Child Ensemble - Tess Tappan
Villager/Child Ensemble - Eva Smith

Villager/Child Ensemble/Greta - Olivia Loepp

Villager/Adult Ensemble/Bamboo Dancer - TBA
Villager/Adult Ensemble/Bamboo Dancer - Phoebe Mock
Villager/Adult Ensemble/Bamboo Dancer - Georgia Trent
Villager/Adult Ensemble/Bamboo Dancer - John Oldroyd
Villager/Adult Ensemble/Bamboo Dancer/Inventor - Morgan Ball
Villager/Adult Ensemble/Bamboo Dancer/Inventor - TBA
Villager/Adult Ensemble/Inventor - Declan Franey
Villager/Adult Ensemble/Inventor - Ryan Russell
Villager/Adult Ensemble/Inventor - Mark Doyle
Villager/Adult Ensemble - Alice Scott
Villager/Adult Ensemble - Tyler Harper
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Music Man Poster

Music Man Stage Manager


Harold Hill - Brian Larios

Marian Paroo -Betsy Bledsoe

Marcellus Washburn - Sean Dearing

Mayor Shinn - David Hunt

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn - Margo Mikkelson

Mrs. Paroo - Pam Sollars

Charlie Cowell - Brandon Lozano

Tommy Djilas - Evan Langston

Zaneeta - Mia Vaught

Jacey Squires - Matthew Runnels

Ewart Dunlop - Jonathan Arnold

Oliver Hix - Scott Kruse

Olin Britt - Kyle Chamberlin

Alma Hix - Taylar Rabel

Maud Dunlop - Laura Robertson

Ethel Toffelmier - Kourteney Halksworth

Mrs. Squires - Abby Downs

Winthrop Paroo - TBA

Amaryllis - Elliana Moore

Gracie - Bridget Ammeen

Conductor/Constable Locke - Jim Bradley

Pick-a-Little Lady - Sarah Schulte

Pick-a-Little Lady - Hannah Mead

Pick-a-Little Lady - Elizabeth Lipford

Pick-a-Little Lady - Rye Boothe

Salesmen/Male Ensemble - Terrence Parkes

Salesmen/Male Ensemble - TBA

Salesmen/Male Ensemble - Matt Walberg

Salesmen/Male Ensemble - Nate Hancock

Female Featured Dancer - Megan Secrest

Female Featured Dancer- Jadyn Butterfield

Female Featured Dancer - Lauren Payne

Female Featured Dancer - Amiee Grajeda

Female Featured Dancer - Cara Torchia

Male Featured Dancer - Charlie Klepper

Male Featured Dancer - Johnny Dinh Phan

Male Featured Dancer - Charles Trout

Male Featured Dancer - Sam DeVeney

Male Featured Dancer - Cole Bracken

Farmer - James Azeltine

Farmer's Wife - Debbie Blinn

Ensemble - Tess Sollars

Ensemble- Ira Good

Ensemble - Arlo Good

Ensemble - Wilson Rabel

Ensemble - Isabella Ayala

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Matilda Poster

Matilda Stage Manager


Matilda - Mia Cabrera

Honey - Cara Hampton

Mrs. Wormwood - Franci Talamantez Witte

Mr. Wormwood - Joell Ramsdell

Trunchbull - Weston Thomas

Bruce - Thomas Kenefake

Rudolpho/Ensemble - Jordan Deleon

Mrs. Phelps - Kristi Mitchell

Michael - Liam Witte

Lavender - Liz Secrest

Amanda - Madeline Hendricks

Hortensia - Lucy Alcock

Alice - Caroline Petersma

Nigel - Tristan Jenkins

Eric - Drew Squire

Tommy - Brock Olsen

Escapologist - Sam Aubuchon

Acrobat/Ensemble - Alexa Morgan

Ensemble - Holden Schoeder

Ensemble - Maddox Bane

Ensemble - Alex Cross

Ensemble - Raheem Fielder Bey

Ensemble - Philip Licata

Ensemble - Jesse Hoover

Ensemble - Evan Nugent

Ensemble - Alyssa Deleon

Ensemble - Ginger Vaugh Pullin

Ensemble - Lily Cooper

Ensemble - Maggie Bunch

Ensemble - Amber Nugent

Ensemble - Morgan Lank

Ensemble - Taylor Schierbeck

Ensemble - Marissa Lunetta

Ensemble - Lana Jensen
Ensemble - Mary Caitland Williams

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Wizard of Oz Poster

Wizard of Oz Stage Manager


Dorothy - MaKenna Neef

Aunt Em/Glinda - Jennifer Weiman

Scarecrow - Tom Nelson

Tinman - Jackson Tomlin

Lion - David Thompson

Wicked Witch - Jennifer Coville-Schweigert

Prof./Wizard - Don Leonard

Uncle Henry/Doorman - David Stelting

Munchkin Tot - Ada Lillie Worthington

Munchkin Tot - Amelia Coville-Schweigert

Munchkin Tot - Brooke Jenkins

Munchkin Tough Guy/Monkey/Ensemble - TBA

Munchkin Tough Guy - Jonah Cartwright

Munchkin Tough Guy - Liam Smith

Monkey/Ensemble - Sam Hessman
Monkey/ensemble - Louisa Bartlett

Monkey/ensemble - Jennie Quarrato

Monkey/ensemble - Ryan Russell

Nikko/Crow - Jerry Birts

Munchkin Mayor/Winkie General - Brian Brewer

Munchkin Coroner/Winkie - Carson Tate

Munchkin Barrister/Winkie - Josh McGhee

Jitterbug Lead - Alex Grumminger

Crow/Ensemble - Jacob Jackson

Crow/Ensemble - Jacob Wray
Crow/Ensemble - Jacob Thomas

Male Ensemble - Hewleek McCoy

Male Ensemble - Declan Franey

Male Ensemble - Sam Wise

Male Ensemble - Matthew Santaularia

Tree/ensemble - Averey Shaw

Tree/ensemble - Zoe London

Tree/ensemble - Kara Mason

Tree/ensemble - McKenna Lewis

Tree/ensemble - Amelia Clark

Tree/ensemble - Nicole McCroskey

Cyclone Dancer/Ensemble- Lina Sattarin

Women's Ensemble - Grace Wallace

Women's Ensemble - Maddie Bragg

Women's Ensemble - Carrigan Rohach

Women's Ensemble - Elaine Watson

Women's Ensemble - Deanna Richardson

Children's Ensemble - Abby Peterson

Children's Ensemble - Tajhuana Thorpe

Children's Ensemble - Grace Taylor

Children's Ensemble - Lauren Hoestje

Children's Ensemble - Noel Smith

Children's Ensemble - Kinsley Oliver

Children's Ensemble - Kaitlyn Brewer

Children's Ensemble - Lucille Dandurand

Toto - Blair McCroskey


Don't forget to go back up to the top of the page to email the show's stage manager for EACH show you are cast in.