48-hour Inspiration: Monologues to Make Us Laugh!

Well, we can’t get a group together to write a whole musical in 48 hours, but we know that won't stop you from creating!  Let’s create monologues over the weekend to showcase local performers and produce countless hours of laughter for our community!  You are the writer, performer, director, and videographer of your monologue.  Next weekend, our community will have a chance to vote for the monologue that makes them laugh the hardest. 

If your monologue receives the most votes, you will win a
Season Ticket to the Theatre in the Park 2021 Season - Indoor and Outdoor
That's right!  A ticket to all Theatre in the Park shows at the Arts and Heritage Center and all Theatre in the Park summer shows at Theatre in the Park located in Shawnee Mission Park

Additionally, you will have bragging rights as the
48-Hour Inspiration: Monologues to Make Us Laugh Champion*

* Due to the long title, and small space on a trophy, no trophy will be awarded - just bragging rights

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So what do I have to do?



  • Your monologue should be completely original.  The whole point is to get you creating for the next 48 hours!  While the time frame is on the honor system, attention to copyright is not.

  • This monologue could be from a character you have created or from your own life.

  • For the purposes of this challenge, we are looking for monologues to make the audience laugh, but keep it PG.  Even Lin Manuel Miranda cut some language for Hamilton to be shown on Disney+. 

  • A monologue, by definition, is performed by a single person…but you are welcome to play as many characters within the time limit as your heart desires. 

  • The final presentation should be 90 seconds to 3 minutes in length.

  • Show us your character!  Raid the closet or attic for those unique pieces to add a special touch to your character.  No time to Amazon a wig or leisure suit, but if you happen to have those laying around…

Online Submission Process

  • Complete the ONLINE SUBMISSION form to enter your monologue.

  • In addition to the other typical questions on an audition form you will need: Written copy of your monologue with title, the link to your monologue on YouTube or Vimeo (see details below).

  • NOTE: If you are under 18, a parent will need to complete a small portion of the form since the videos will be posted to our website.

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Helpful Information

Video Submission Details

  • Professional equipment not needed!  Use what you have. 

  • Check your backdrop.  What else is in the frame of the video?  

  • Things to consider:

    • Where would your character be in your house or where in your house can you transform into another location. 

    • Recording outside it tricky!  Unless you have the proper equipment to record outdoors without the wind noise, we suggest staying indoors.

    • Cover or remove mirrors in the background.  They often catch other movement and can be a distraction from your performance.

    • Keep the background plain/simple.  Let the focus be your character.

How to copy the YouTube or Vimeo embed link

  • YouTube

    • You can create a free account if you don’t already have one.

    • Check the SETTINGS to make sure we can embed the video on our website. 

    • Embed Link is required for submission

      • Under the video, click SHARE and then Embed.

      • From the box that appears, copy the HTML code.

      • Paste the code into the ONLINE SUBMISSION form

  • Vimeo

    • You can create a free account.  Once you do, they will show you upgrade options, but you can choose “no thanks” to move on to the free basic format.

    • Check the SETTINGS to make sure we can embed the video on our website. 

    • Embed Link is required for submission

      • Click the Share button, in the top right corner of your video.

      • A pop-up will appear with the embed link information. Copy the embed link and paste it into the ONLINE SUBMISSION form


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Submissions are due by SUNDAY DATE at 7pm

The TIP team will review submissions and embed submissions that meet the criteria to our website.  If this first round is successful, we will post other 48-hour Theatre centered challenges!

Go!  Create! See you in 48 hours…