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Directed by Kevin Bogan
Ella is the most overworked girl in fairytale history.  She’s doomed to a life of waiting hand and foot on her atrocious stepmother, Madame, and stepsisters, Gabrielle and Charlotte, until one night her fairy godmother appears and changes her life forever.
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella is a musical theatre legend.  This enduring, magical tale of an unlikely princess was originally conceived as a 1957 CBS television special starring Julie Andrews, and over the ensuing decades it has been revamped twice for Broadway before becoming a smash hit movie starring Brandy and Whitney Houston.  In 2013 Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella was brought back to contemporary theatre to become, not just the story of a girl who is magically transformed into a princess, but the story of a young woman who fights for the downtrodden, always sees the good in others, is willing to make friends in the most unlikely places, and uses her passion to help create a better world.  
Nominated for nine Tony Awards®, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella is a magical confection for the whole family that includes audience and performer favorites, “In My Own Little Corner”, “Stepsister’s Lament”, and “Ten Minutes Ago”.
Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella runs approximately 2.5 hours with one 15 minute intermission.

Ella - Tyler Harper
Topher - Jefferson Harwood
Lord Pinkleton - Tony Francisco
Sebastian – Graham Fairleigh
Marie – Michaela Sewalson
Jean-Michel – Scott Kruse
Madame - Jennifer Weiman
Gabrielle - Whitney Armstrong
Charlotte - Charlotte Gilman
Driver/Ensemble - Nathan Le
Footman/Ensemble - Carter Stelting
Lady of Ridicule/Ensemble - Amelia Clark

Animals and Giant will be assigned from within the ensemble once rehearsals begin
Cameron Gunter
Bridget Walsh
Shannon Dougherty
Ashley McGuire
Michael Bell
Ryan Stevens
Kelli Mattison
Jacob Wray
Phoebe Mock
Charlie Klepper
Cole Braken
Sean Dearing
Drew Bellamy
Mia Vaught
Chandler Johnson

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All shook up Show Poster

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Directed by LB & James Levy
It’s 1955 and somewhere in the Midwest is a small town where "Loud music, public necking, and tight pants" are outlawed.  But that’s about to change…
When Chad rolls into town on his broken down motorcycle he’s stuck there and decides that these small town folk need to let loose a little.  What follows is a story of love triangles, disguises, mistaken identities, and rebellious teens.  All Shook Up was inspired by the comedies of William Shakespeare and is set to the music of the one and only Elvis Presley.  Audiences and performers alike will be singing and dancing along with “Jailhouse Rock”, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, and of course, “All Shook Up”.
All Shook Up runs approximately 2.5 hours with one 15 minute intermission.

Natalie Haller - Tori Loepp
Chad - Thomas Nelson
Jim Haller – David Martin
Sylvia - Renee Blinn
Lorraine - Elaine Watson
Dennis – Hewleek McKoy
Miss Sandra - Cassaundra Sutherland
Mayor Matilda Hyde - Emily Vargo
Dean Hyde – Maddox Bane
Sherriff Earl - David Thompson
Henrietta/Ensemble - Athena Horton
Prisoner #3/Blue Suede Shoes Soloist/Ensemble - Weston Thomas
Prisoner #47/Blue Suede Shoes Soloist/Ensemble - Myles Benefield
Warden/Ensemble - Declan Franey
Barfly #1/Shoe Salesman/Ensemble - Kara Mason
Barfly #2/Randy/Ensemble – Lora Sorenson
Barfly #3/Ensemble - Lucia Graff
Bus Driver/Ensemble - Jake Swaney
Fella/Ensemble – TBA
Shoe Customer/Ensemble - Averey Shaw

Lina Sattarin
McKenna Lewis
Jerry Birts
Shane McMasters
Pancha Brown

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Big river Show Poster

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Directed and Choreographed by Kacy Christensen
Big River transports audiences back to 1840’s Missouri to join Huckleberry Finn and Jim on their adventure down the Mighty Mississippi. 
Based on Mark Twain’s classic novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Big River picks up where The Adventures of Tom Sawyer left off.  Huck has been living with the Widow Douglas and her sister Miss Watson, but has not taken well to town life and resists everyone’s repeated attempts to civilize him.  Huck is kidnapped by his own father, fakes his death, and runs away to live on his own.  His solitary plans are interrupted when he encounters Miss Watson’s slave, Jim, and the two set off on a journey to get Jim to freedom in the North. 
Big River is a story about growing up, learning to stand up for others, keeping promises, and finding yourself.  Big River has won 8 Tony Awards® and audiences will revel in this American classic with its luscious soundtrack of country, bluegrass, and spirituals including “Muddy Water”, “Waitin’ For the Light to Shine”, and “Free At Last”.
Big River runs approximately 2.5 hours with one 15 minute intermission.

Huckleberry Finn - Ryan Jacobs
Jim - Kaleb Clemmens
Tom Sawyer - Ben Renfrow
Widow Douglas/Sally Phelps/Ensemble - Trudy Hurley
Miss Watson/Woman in Shanty/Harmonia Player/Ensemble - Debbie Blinn
Mary Jane Wilkes - Maggie Bunch
Judge Thatcher/Man on a Skiff/Silas Phelps/Ensemble - Paul McArdle
Ben Rogers/Young Fool/Ensemble - Brett Oplotnik
Jo Harper/Joanna Wilkes/Ensemble - Ella Bentley
Dick/Hank/Man in the Crowd/Hired Hand/Ensemble - TBA
Pap Finn/Sheriff Bell/Hired Hand/Ensemble – Chris Halford
The Duke - Langston Hemenway
The King - Matt Walberg
Bill/Servant/Ensemble - TBA
Lafe/Man on a Skiff/Ensemble – Jordan Lewis
Counselor Robinson/Man on Skiff/Hired Hand/Ensemble - Matthew Wine
Mark Twain/Harvey Wilkes/Doctor/Ensemble – Christoph Nevins
Simon/Andy/Ensemble - Tripp Starr
Susan Wilkes/Ensemble - Jillian Miller
Alice/Wilkes' slave/Ensemble - Sharon Johnson
Alice's Daughter/Featured soloist/Ensemble - Joslyn Joseph

Rachel Phillips
Kameron Cole
Joslyn Joseph

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Newsies Logo

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Directed by Julie Ewing
In 1899 the newsboys of New York City banded together to form their own union and held The World, The Sun, and New York captive until their demands for better pay were met.
Newies is a Tony Award® winning, high energy, tour-de-force of song and dance that includes fan favorites “Seize The Day”, “I’m The King of New York”, and “The World Will Know” in addition to new songs “Watch What Happens” and “The Bottom Line”.  The story focuses on Jack Kelly, ring leader of the Manhattan newises, his new friends Davey and Les, who are trying to support their family while their father is out of work, and Katherine Plumber, a smart, no nonsense young reporter trying to break through in a world where women are supposed to be seen and not heard.  Together with a vibrant group newsboys, and a little help from Medda Larkin, the brassy owner of New York City’s best burlesque club, they get carried away into a strike that becomes bigger than they ever could have imagined.  Based on the 1992 Disney® movie Newsies has been thrilling audiences for almost three decades.
Newsies runs approximately 2.5 hours with one 15 minute intermission.

Jack Kelly - Austin Stang
Crutchie - Ryan Russell
Davey - Sheridan Mirador
Les - Liam Smith
Race/Newsie - Fisher Stewart
Albert/Newsie - Wyatt Walberg
Specs/Newsie – Peyton Herzog
Henry/Newsie - Evan Nugent
Finch/Newsie - Reily Harker
Romeo/Newsie – Brenden Hulla
Elmer/Newsie - Nathaniel Thomas
Mush/Newsie - Robin Robles
Buttons/Scab 2/ NY Newsie – Jonah Cartwright
Jojo/Splasher/Newsie/Brooklyn Newsie/Scab 1 – Michael Bell
Tommy Boy/Goon/NY Newsie - Caleb Nugent
Mike/Ike/Newsie/Brooklyn Newsie - Charles Poolman
Spot Conlon/Newsie/Goon - Jeremiah Valenzuela
Katherine Plumber - McKenna Harvey
Darcy/Goon/NY Newsie - Chayston Simmons
Bill/Scab 3/NY Newsie - Jacob Springer
Wiesel /Stage Manager/Mr. Jacobi/Roosevelt - Clay Cartwright
Morris Delancey - TBA
Oscar Delancey - Cameron Gunter
Joseph Pulitzer - Andrew Ramaley
Seitz/Goon – Scott Kruse
Bunsen/Photographer/NY Newsie - Connor Bush
Nunzio/Guard/Policeman/Mayor – Christian Anderson
Nun 1/Hannah /Bowery Beauty 1 - Nancy Seeman
Nun 2/Woman /Bowery Beauty 2 - Tyler Harper
Nun 3/Medda Larkin - Jenell Johnson
Snyder - Don Leonard
Newsie / Brooklyn Newsie - Johnny Dinh Phan
Newsie/Brooklyn Newsie - Paco Vitug

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Mamma Mia Show Poster
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CANCELED - MAMMA MIA - July 31 - AUGUST 8, 2020

Directed by Mark Swezey
Sophie’s getting married! 
Even though her mother, Donna, is Sophie's world, she still feels like something is missing…and that’s the father she’s never known.  In an attempt to find out who her father is so that he can walk her down the aisle, Sophie has gone snooping through her mother’s past and come up with three possible fathers.  And what’s a girl to do when faced with that dilemma?  Invite ALL THREE of them of course!  Hilarity ensues as Sophie prepares for the wedding, tries to figure out who her real father is, and keep it all secret from her mother.  And all of this happens to chart topping ABBA hits including “Super Trooper”, “Honey, Honey”, and “Dancing Queen”.  Nominated for 5 Tony Awards® Mamma Mia! is a funny, feel good musical that will leave audiences disco dancing out of the theatre.
Mamma Mia! runs approximately 2.5 hours with one 15 minute intermission.

Sophie Sheridan - Libby Terril
Ali - Torrie Shelly
Lisa - Mia McManamy
Donna Sheridan - Kristi Mitchell
Tanya - Stasha Case
Rosie - Pam Sollars
Sky - Jace Vendelin
Pepper – Weston Thomas
Eddie - Trevor Thoelke
Harry Bright - Rob Reeder
Bill Austin - Joell Ramsdell
Sam Carmichael - Kipp Simmons

Anna Avery
Dalton DeVoe
Daniel Hicks
Gavin Ruder
Haley Knudsen
Henry Lange
Michael Pierce
Jesse Hoover
Kalista Brown
Lillian Cooper
Maddox Bane
Mia Vaught
Sarah Bezek
Sean Dearing
Marissa Lunetta

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Sweet Charity Show Poster
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Directed by Barb Nichols
Wouldn’t you like to friends with your idol?  Well one woman was.  Louise Seger idolized Patsy Cline and by chance she didn’t only get to meet her idol, she became fast friends and pen-pals with the legendary country singer.  From their first meeting in 1961 until Patsy’s untimely death in 1963, Cline and Seger exchanged letters regularly, letters that Patsy always signed “Always…Patsy Cline”
Based on the letters written by Pasty and Louise Always… Patsy Cline takes audiences to the moment that Louise learned of Patsy’s death and she begins to recount their friendship while Patsy sings the songs that made her a star including “Walkin’ After Midnight”, “Stupid Cupid”, and “Shake Rattle and Roll”.  Witty, raw, sad, and funny this musical offers audiences a glimpse into the life of Patsy Cline that she only told those closest to her.
Always… Patsy Cline runs approximately 2.5 hours with one 15 minute intermission.

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A Year with Frog and Toad Show Poster
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Directed by Tim Bair, TIP Producing Artistic Director
Tony Award® nominee A Year With Frog & Toad takes Arnold Lobel’s beloved children’s book to new heights with song and dance.  This classic story of the friendship between Frog and Toad has been charming young readers for 50 years while teaching the values of friendship.
This musical begins as Frog and Toad wake up from their long winter’s hibernation to a beautiful spring morning and follows them through a year of adventures swimming, flying kites, baking cookies, and sledding.  These two friends take care of each other, they try to cheer the other up when one is sad, they learn to celebrate their differences, they get angry at each other and learn to apologize, and once winter comes again they snuggle down to hibernate knowing that their friendship will blossom again in the spring.
A Year With Frog & Toad runs approximately 90 minutes with one 15 minute intermission.