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TOM SAWYER opened on March 27, 2001at
The Minskoff Theatre.
Total Previews: 34
Performances: 21

In a season dominated by THE PRODUCERS,  THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER's run on Broadway was very brief. However,  the show has since found a great niche in regional houses as the perfect show for families!

Starred: Joshua Park, Jim Poulos, Jane Connell, Kristen Bell

Nominated for Best Scenic Design and Best Lighting Design

Nominated for Outstanding Orchestrations, Set Design, Costume Design and Lighting Design

Joshua Park: Winner

Based on the Novel by Mark Twain
Conceived and Written by KEN LUDWIG

Music and Lyrics by DON SCHLITZ

Originally Produced on Broadway by
James M. Nederlander, James L. Nederlander and Watt/Dobie Productions



Director: Bess Wallerstein Huff
Vocal Director/Conductor/Accompanist: Marsha Canaday
Choreographer: Kacy Christensen
Fight Choreographer: Chris Gleeson
Stage Manager: April Lynn Kobetz
Assistant Stage Manager: Kristine Luthi
Assistant Stage Manager: Hunter Hawkins
Costume Coordinator: Jenny Green
Props Coordinator: Tam Osgood
Scenic Designer: Annie Breitenstein

Tom Sawyer: Preston Offill
Huck Finn: Jeremy Walterman
Becky Thatcher: Mosha Clyma
Aunt Polly: Pam Sollars
Widow Douglas: Donna Dandino
Judge Thatcher: Scott Powell
Reverend Sprague: Chip Buckner
Muff Potter: Steven Martin
Injun Joe: Simon Schupp
Doc Robinson/Lemuel Dobbins: Craig Boyd
Pap/Lanyard Bellamy: Roderick Duplissie
Gideon Temple: Rod Chapin
Sidney Sawyer: Max Pinson
Amy Lawrence: Meaghan Parker
Lucy Harper: Vicotria Loepp
Sabina Temple: Erica Punch
Susie Rogers: Haley Wolf

Darcy Hingula
Amanda Dulny
Mattie Bell
Alexa Morgan
Mia Vaught
Genevieve Austin
Jentry Muck
Mary Ann Traxler
Amber Nugent

Ben Rogers: Steven Scheffe
George Bellamy: Grant Lescher
Lyle Bellamy: Jacob Springer
Joe Harper: Chase Simmions
Jim Hollis: Gerald Briscoe
Alfred Temple: Colin Rohach

Evan Nugent
Daniel Owens
Treyson Gates Smith
Adam Segura

          Sherriff: John Feldmann

Don Schierding
Kelly Cady (Jessica Rogers)
Corinne Bakker
Serena Fox
Jeanne Marx
Dena Hildebrand


Synopsis provided by Music Theatre International.

The curtain rises on Tom Sawyer happily fishing in a meadow outside St. Petersburg, Missouri in 1840. When his friends arrive, Tom, the obvious leader, joins them in a game of Robin Hood. Tom’s strict, but kindly, Aunt Polly sends him off to school – where he tricks the schoolmaster, Mr. Dobbins, into letting the class have the day off. Aunt Polly, Mr. Dobbins and the preacher, Reverend Sprague lament what a rascal he is, but they will try their best with him all the same (“Hey Tom Sawyer”).

The next morning, Aunt Polly orders Tom to whitewash the fence in front of their house. Tom's half-brother, Sid, an insufferable goody-goody, couldn't be happier about Tom’s punishment. Frustrated, Tom plans to run away some day and have adventures (“Here's My Plan"). As Tom procrastinates, Becky Thatcher, a beautiful newcomer to St. Petersburg, walks past his house. They’re instantly attracted to each other. She is Judge Thatcher’s only daughter; when he and Aunt Polly establish they are both raising children alone, they bond. Then, Tom's best friend in the world arrives: Huckleberry Finn, the town outcast. When Huck comments that painting the fence looks like fun, Tom gets an idea. Moments later, Tom tricks his schoolmates into painting the fence for him – and gets them to pay him for the privilege (“Smart Like That")!

That night, Tom and Huck go on an adventure and visit the local graveyard. Huck has told Tom that he can get rid of warts by swinging a cat in a graveyard. Hidden behind a gravestone, the boys see Injun Joe, a troublemaker, Doc Robinson, and local vagrant, Muff Potter, digging up a grave. Injun Joe and Doc Robinson get in a fight over how much Doc is paying them (“Hands All Clean”). In the fight Muff gets knocked unconscious. Injun Joe murders Doc Robinson with Muff’s knife. Tom and Huck have witnessed the entire thing.

The boys run off. Tom wants to tell someone, but Huck convinces him that Injun Joe will come after them if they do. They swear in blood to keep mum forever about the bloody deed (“The Vow"). Meanwhile, Injun Joe convinces Muff that he killed Doc and Injun Joe agrees to help Muff in exchange for half of Murrell’s gold. Muff has a treasure map leading to the gold and agrees.

The next morning, on the way to church, Aunt Polly and Judge Thatcher, both single parents, commiserate about raising children on their own (“Raising A Child”). Later that day, in church, Tom tries to impress Becky Thatcher by tricking Reverend Sprague into awarding him the coveted Bible Prize, much to Sid’s dismay (“It’s In The Bible").

On the way to school the next day, Tom tries to convince Huck to learn to read, but Huck is afraid. A few minutes later, Huck saves kindly old Widow Douglas from the advances of the town drunk – his father. In gratitude, she also offers to teach Huck how to read. She even offers him her home as a place to live. Huck declines (“It Just Ain't Me"). In school that day, Tom saves Becky from getting into trouble. Moments later, they declare their undying love for each other. Tom says they should become 'engaged' and she agrees (“To Hear You Say My Name").

A few days later, Muff Potter is arrested for murder. Muff doesn't realize that Injun Joe has framed him, and he pleads with Joe to save him from hanging. Joe says he’ll help, as long as he gets the gold. Muff gives him the map (“Murrell’s Gold”). As Muff is taken to jail, Tom faces a terrible choice: should he tell the truth about the murder and save Muff Potter thereby incurring the wrath of Injun Joe? Or should he keep his vow to Huck and let Muff hang (“Murrell’s Gold Reprise")?

At the trial, Injun Joe sells Muff out and testifies that he saw Muff kill Doc Robinson. Then, Tom takes the stand. He tells the truth and swears that Injun Joe committed the murder. Huck, inspired by Tom’s honesty, admits that he, too, saw the crime. Injun Joe springs from his seat and threatens Tom. He throws a knife at him, then races from the courtroom amid a hale of gunfire (“The Testimony").


A few weeks later, school is dismissed for the summer and the children and their parents celebrate (“Ain't Life Fine"). Tom, however, is on edge. He cancels his plan to go to the picnic with Becky, and she gets upset with him – threatening to go with Joe Harper instead. They have a fight and end their 'engagement.' That night, in his bedroom, Tom tells Aunt Polly he isn’t going to the picnic. Aunt Polly assures Tom that Injun Joe is in Mexico and tells him to go to bed; she puts him to sleep with a lullaby (“This Time Tomorrow”). Tom has a terrifying nightmare about Injun Joe, much to Sid’s delight. Aunt Polly comforts him and puts him back to bed (“This Time Tomorrow - Reprise").

The next morning, after weeks of secret tutoring by Widow Douglas, Huck at last learns how to read. He and the Widow celebrate (“I Can Read!").

Everyone arrives at the annual town picnic. The festivities begin with the exploration of McDougal's Cave, a cavern of frightening size and darkness. As the townsfolk head for the cave, we learn that Injun Joe is back in town. He, too, is going into the cave to find Murrell's Gold (“Murrell’s Gold - Reprise"). Tom and Becky have been paired as Cave exploring partners, much to their chagrin. However, as they explore the caves, they make up. The bell rings for them to go back to the surface, and Tom and Becky realize that they are lost. Aunt Polly and Judge Thatcher are frantic, and they and the rest of the town begin searching for the two children (“Angels Lost").

Underground, Tom and Becky desperately try to find a way out of the cave. Becky is very scared, but Tom urges her to stay positive and promises they’ll get out (“Light”). Tom leaves Becky alone for a moment, trying to find a way out; she prays (“Angels Lost – Reprise”). Injun Joe springs from a passage and grabs her, demanding to know where Tom is. Suddenly, Tom jumps out from behind a rock and a moment later, Huck shows up. With great courage, the three friends battle Injun Joe and defeat him. Tom and Becky then find Murrell's Gold. It is a vast treasure of gold coins. They realize that Huck is badly hurt; this is especially problematic, as Huck is the one who knows the way out. Just then, Tom sees a ray of daylight shining through a crack in the wall. Exhausted, they manage to get Huck to his feet and they all crawl out of the cave, safe at last, with gold in tow.

The next day, the people of St. Petersburg are holding a funeral service for the lost children (“Light – Reprise”). During the service, Tom, Huck and Becky limp into town. They peek into the church – and realize that they’re watching their own funeral! They sneak into the church and watch all the nice things being said about them. Reverend Sprague discovers the children in the pew, and the town goes wild with happiness. Aunt Polly is overjoyed to have Tom back. Sid is not. In the final moments of the play, Huck reveals to Tom that he's learned how to read, and the two friends run off to celebrate with the rest of the town (“Finale").

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