2013 auditions

Auditions will take place SATURDAY, MARCH 8

from 9am - 4pm, at Blue Valley High School



Don't forget to bring ELEVEN copies of your completed audition form with you to auditions. PLEASE NOTE, NO resumes or photos will be accepted.NO COPIER OR COMPUTER WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE AUDITION LOCATION.

Currently seeking actors singers and dancers for ALL roles in ALL shows. Actors, singers and dancers of ALL ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to audition. Especially seeking African American singers and actors for RAGTIME and male dancers for all shows.

General information about auditions
Before you decide to audition, please seriously consider any potential schedule conflicts or other performance opportunities that may interfere with your commitment to The Theatre in the Park. All performers must be willing to commit to several weeks of rehearsals in addition to the performance dates. Variations to the day(s) and/or time(s) of rehearsal are at the discretion of the director.  Additional rehearsals may be added if needed. To help determine your conflicts for rehearsal and performance dates, view the master rehearsal schedule.

We want to be sure that we have all of the information about you that we need in order to consider you for our shows.  All auditionees need to complete an online audition form prior to auditions.  All auditionees must complete this form in advance and bring ELEVEN printed copies with them in order to audition.  The copies of the information forms that you provide are distributed to the director and choreographer for each show and a copy is kept by the Theatre office.  We often refer to these forms during the audition and casting process, so it is very important that you provide them. If you do not have an audition form you will not be able to audition.

Auditions are open to anyone age 7 and older (must be 7 on the day of auditions). 

We cannot make provisions for anyone to be seen out of numerical order. There will be a lunch break of approximately one hour each day. The break is planned for 1 pm to 2 pm but may change depending on circumstances.

When you arrive at the audition location and turn in your audition form copies, we will give you an audition number. We'll take a digital picture of you and then you can hang out in the waiting area until your number is called.  Auditionees will be called in numerical order and escorted in groups to the waiting area for the vocal audition. Auditionees will sing individually.  After you sing, you'll go to a waiting area for the dance audition. The dance routine will be taught in groups. After a few minutes of practice, each group will audition the routine for the choreographers.  After the dance audition, you're done for the day.

Use these links to learn more about the character breakdown
and information from our directors about our 2014 shows:

Pirates of Penzance
Guys and Dolls

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

information about the vocal audtion

Please be prepared to sing NO MORE THAN 16 measures of a song of your choice (preferably not a song from one of our 2014 shows). We'll provide the accompanist for your vocal audition, but you need to bring the sheet music (in the proper key) with you for your song.  (It's a huge help if you can prepare your music by copying it to single sheet(s) of paper and attaching the individual pages to a file folder or cardboard so that the music stays open and upright on the piano.)  Also, please highlight the portion of the song that you'll be singing.  A volunteer will direct you into the vocal room when it's your turn.  There will be about 12-15 people in the room to hear you sing (directors, vocal directors, stage managers, theatre staff, etc.). When you enter the room, please hand your sheet music to the accompanist then take your place on the "X" marked on the floor.  Introduce yourself to the people in the room with your name and the title of your audition song, then sing your best for us.  Collect your music as you leave the room and then return to the hallway where a volunteer will direct you to the dance area. Everyone is required to participate in the vocal portion of the audition.

About the dance audition

Volunteers will show you where to wait for your turn for the dance audition.  Groups of auditionees will be taught a short dance combination, have a few minutes to practice the routine, and then audition the dance for the choreographers. The dance routine will be auditioned in front of choreographers and assistant choreographers for all of the shows.  Everyone is required to participate in the dance portion of the audition (we know that everyone might not consider themselves a "dancer"... we just ask that you do your best!)

How to audition by video tape

If you are unable to attend the auditions in person, you may submit a video audition up until 4pm on Saturday, March 8, 2014.  Video auditions will be done by posting a video online and providing us with the web address of that video.   Audition videos should include 16 measures of singing, an example of dance or movement and be less than three minutes in total length.  When you fill out the online audition form, please check the box next to "I will be auditioning by video". The TTIP Administration office will forward your audition form containing your video audition information to all of the directors of our 2014 productions

Callback information

CALLBACK AUDITIONS are by invitation only and will be held on Sunday, March 9, MONDAY, March 10, TUESDAY, March 11, and WEDNESDAY, March 12. . A list of everyone invited to callbacks will be posted online at www.theatreinthepark.org on Sunday, March 9, 2014 by 8:00am. All actors being called back are ENCOURAGED to attend the callback audition to be considered for the role. If you choose NOT to attend the callback audition, it's likely you may not be cast. Music and/or dialogue for the callback roles will also be posted on the website to review ahead of time.


The schedule for SUNDAY March 9, 2014  is as follows:

The Pirates of Penzance: 1.00pm - 4.00pm
Ragtime: 4.00pm - 7.00pm
Blue Valley High School:
6001 West 159th Street, Stilwell, KS (same location as auditions).

The schedule for MONDAY, March 10, 2014  is as follows:

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
The Jewish Community Center:
5801 W 115th St, Overland Park, KS 66211

The schedule for TUESDAY, March 11, 2014  is as follows:

HONK!: 6:30pm - 9:30pm:
The Jewish Community Center:
5801 W 115th St, Overland Park, KS 66211

The schedule for WEDNESDAY, March 12, 2014  is as follows:

Guys and Dolls: 6:30pm - 9:30pm:
Roeland Park Community Center:
4850 Rosewood Dr, Roeland Park, KS 66205


PLEASE NOTE: If you are not invited to a callback audition, this does not mean you will not be cast in a show this season. Some roles will be cast directly from the initial auditions and a callback audition will not be required. We realize that the cancellation and change of call back dates will be a conflict for some. Once the callback lists are compiled on Saturday evening, actors being called back that have a conflict will have the opportunity to contact stage management.

Casting information

CASTING decisions for The Theatre in the Park's Season 2014 will be made on March 15. Cast lists for all shows will be posted online sometime after 5:00 p.m. on March 15. Actors cast in each production are required to contact the Production Stage Manager (contact information will be provided) within 48 hours of the cast list posting to indicate their acceptance of the role. 


All roles will be cast from those performers who attended the auditions in person or submitted a video audition in accordance with the procedure outlined above.  Only very special circumstances with the express permission of the Producing Artistic Director will supersede this policy.


Many THANKS to our season sponsors!



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